Intensive poetic-body research workshop with gray whales


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To scenic creators (dance, music, theater, performance, etc.) with experience of physical work and interest in multidisciplinary research processes, to participate in “The Leviathan Games: Fision / Fusion”, which will be held from February 1 to 10, 2020 in Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur (Mexico).


It will take place in the form of a camp in the desert adjacent to the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon (Scamoon's Lagoon). It will be conducted by the choreographer Guadalupe Anaya (San Luis Potosí, 1990) and will consist of an intensive program of physical training and creation of body language, complemented with an introduction to environmental issues, anthropology, and history concerning to the surrounding geographical area. In turn, poetic intervention exercises with gray whales and trips to natural areas will take place. 


It will have a recovery cost of 250 USD (US dollars), which must be covered before the start of the course. Discounts of up to 60% will be made based on om availability and the number of people enrolled in the workshop. Registration will be individual. 


The program will provide participants with the following benefits:  

1) Camping, food, and transport from Guerrero Negro to the campsite and along the routes defined in the program itinerary


2) Four private tours of observation and interaction with gray whales

Those interested should send in PDF format the following documents:


1. Semblance

Name / Origin / Affiliation to company, group or collective / Semblance (Maximum 2,500 characters) / Link to the artistic curriculum with links to videos or with samples of work

2. Contact and documentation

Official ID / Adress / Telephone numbers with international code / E-mail / Signed civil responsibility letter (download format / translation)


3. Motivation letter (only to request discount)

Maximum two pages, explaining why they need the support and the relevance of the workshop for their professional and artistic development


They should be sent no later than January 12, 2020, to the email . Those selected will be notified on the 13th of the same month. 


Stultifera Navis may unilaterally modify dates and itineraries, due to climatic, budgetary, logistic of any other aspects, prior notification to the participants.


Stultifera Navis will not provide the transfer of the participants to Guerrero Negro, BCS, but will provide necessary facilities for the management of such resources before the public or private organizations through letters of invitation and sharing fundraising campaigns through digital media. It will be the responsibility of participants from abroad to manage the necessary Visas for their transfer to Mexico.


Participation in this call implies the absolute acceptance of its bases. Any controversy not foreseen in it will be resolved by the organizers.

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