• Fernando Martín Velazco

The Leviathan Games - NOV 2, 2019 - Los Angeles

In this event, Fernando Martín Velazco will relate the history of the interaction between humans and gray whales. For that, he will rescue the legends and mythologies from the ancient cultures of America and Europe, and how our cultural heritage helps us to better understand the emerging challenges that the present stands for our mutual survival.

Then it will be shown some of the results of “The Leviathan Games” (2017-2019), the cycle of annual expeditions with the purpose of carrying out multidisciplinary research with gray whales. The main discovery of these expeditions was the fact that gray whales react particularly attracted to human poetry, dance, and music, a phenomenon that has been exhaustively documented by the organization.

Consolidated as a program of creative research, the author will show some of the artistic works developed in the last expedition as well as show its new amazing discoveries: a whale graveyard, archaeological and paleontological findings, and stimulating records that suggest that gray whales may have their own poetical tradition.



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*The project was part of the program of grants Art, Science & Technology 2018 from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the National Fund for Culture and Arts in that country.


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